Tuesday, March 14, 2006

King Elizabeth Troy II

Troy went to see doctor today because he keeps biting his tail again. His legs also has a lot of red rashes that don't go away no matter what we do (changed food, clean him up everyday still doesn't help). Doctor says he has mite bites. Might be caused by the dusty house (my house is quite dusty leh) Now need to be doubly hardworking liao. Must clean his sleeping area, and the surrounding. Also must apply medicine on him everyday.

Troy is going to be in e-collar again. This time, for at least 2 weeks consecutively, as advised by the doctor.

Troy's tail is botak again. We had to shave his tail because we couldn't apply the medicine properly with all the fur in the way. It was a painful decision for us, but we had no choice because we have to save his tail. So just bear with it.

Troy's botak tail and also the rashes on his hindleg is very visible. Very heartpain hor? :(

King Elizabeth Troy's closeup photo. Still, the ever cheeky and naughty face. You giving daddy and mummy a lot of headache you know?