Saturday, July 21, 2007

Troy Passed Away (Age: 2yrs 6 Mths)

Troy passed away this morning. Doc broke the news to me at 9am this morning.
Went to vet to settle the bill and his funeral.

Troy.... I will never forget you. I am looking after your favourite toy now. I won't let anyone else take away your toys.... your smell is still so strong in the house.. I can still feel your warmth in the house....but i miss your furry body by my feet....i miss your nonsensical barking.... most of all...i miss hugging you....

Now that you are in rainbow bridge, you should be free from all pains and illnesses... Troy, u know how heart broken i am when I felt your body.. your body is still warm when we rub our hands through your fur.... i will never forget that feeling....

Troy..... Daddy and mummy will love your forever.... you will remain in our hearts forever...

Love you Troy.....

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Troy Hospitalised

Troy is hospitalised today. He had been quite weak the whole week. I didn't notice initially because I thought Troy was just being lazy because he still walks around and eats and drinks as normal. But he has been a bit listless.

Last night, he vomited all his food out. Towards the later part of the night, Troy vomitted about 4 more times. But what came out were just brownish liquid and some white bile. This morning, when I woke up and was preparing to go to work, I saw Troy lying under the sofa, on his own vomit!! Troy is totally lethargic and doesn't even have the strength to move himself away from the vomit.

Took an urgent leave and brought Troy to Mt Pleasant at Sembawang Rd. As Troy was unable to walk at all, I had to carry him all the way from home to the lorry. The stupid lift was under upgrading, and only one lift was operating. The lift bypassed me 3 times because all of them had a malay inside. My arms went numb from carrying Troy (he is 30kg) and waiting for the lift. I squatted down, with my arm (loaded with Troy) resting on my chest. The 4th lift came. There was a Chinese woman inside. I asked whether I can join her in the lift, luckily the woman was agreeable. By the time I started the engine, I found that my arms were too numb to drive. I had to rest for about 10 minutes before driving off.

Troy vomitted again when we entered the Vet. The situation was identical to the A&E situation for human hospital in TV -- me carrying Troy in the rain, the attendants quickly came and rendered immediate medical attention. Doctor did a blood test for Troy and the result was out only after 45minutes of waiting. The Doctor informed me that Troy had a seizure just now (I was shocked because Troy never had any fit or seizure before), and found that his stomach is inflammed. Doctor also highlighted that his lips has a lot of ulcer. How can I not check his lips?! I have noticed that his lips are a bit swollen these few weeks, but I did not think much about it. The stomach problem and swollen lips are due to Troy eating something, but what I know is that mum only feeds him home cooked food (rice, boiled chicken, carrot, potato, etc) and recently added a small feeding of canned food that she bought from Cold Storage.

Doctor said that Troy has to be put on drip, and be hospitalised. I paid the bill ($400 downpayment, inclusive of blood test $220), took a last look at Troy, and left for home. It was about 1pm by the time I reached home.

I went back to the Vet with mum to visit Troy later at around 4pm when she came back from work. Troy is sleeping and snoring. Doctor said that his condition has stabilised, but still has to be kept under observation. If Troy is awake by tomorrow, and able to take in food and water from mouth, then he can be discharged. Mum patted Troy and said byebye to him before going off. I refrained myself from touching Troy cos I was afraid that I can't control my tears.

Tonight is the first time in 3 years that I don't have Troy by my side. I am still thinking of him, I am very worried of him. What is he doing now? Is he comfortable? Is he painful? Is he feeling better?

Troy please get well.

Dear God, I commit Troy's health into your hands, and that he will be healed completely. In Jesus' name, Amen..

I miss you Troy......................