Sunday, November 20, 2005

First Trip to Dog Run

Today mummy and daddy bring me to Pet Movers Dog Run. Daddy drive a lorry to send me there. Reached there at about 4pm

Feeling very excited

Too excited liao!! Let me take a pee first!!

Where is this strange place? So many other doggies around, but nobody wants to play with me

got a new fren coming along

No!! He doesn't want to play with me :~(

A new fren comes along

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Oct 22, 2005

I got a new towel. Amah (daddy's mummy) bought it for me.

On the bed again! No govt today!!

Smells nice leh!!

Makan time! But I hate people looking at me when I'm eating!! Do I look wierd?

Fat Doggy

Troy is getting fatter and fatter everyday. But my friends say he looks fit. I'll let all of you judge whether he really fat or not.

Troy lazing beside his self-service masak basket

Don't disturb me!

Which one shall I pick now?