Monday, November 26, 2007

Miss You so Deeply

Troy, you have been away for close to 5 months. Just want you to know that you are still alive in my heart. Everytime when I come home, I'll still have the habit of looking out for you behind the door. I can still remember the warmth that you give to my feet when you sit beside me while I am surfing the net. I can also remember the playful looks on your face when you see me getting the leash.

Troy, I have this confusing desire of wanting you to come back as my pet again, but on the other hand, I also want you to come back to this world as a human, who will never be bullied by anyone again. Anyhow, I yearn to have you by my side. I promise to give you tons more love than I ever gave you previously.

I am planning of getting another goldie, same as you, when our house is ready. I can't handle a day without you. The new doggie will take over your role in the house, but will never take over the place that you have in my heart.

Troy, I love you... I wan to hug your warm furry body again... :~(