Monday, July 03, 2006

Troy's new Toy

Troy has started to mark with one of his hind legs lifted up today. Wonder how he learnt it. He hasn't seen any dog who lifted his leg to mark or pee yet. This is one of the beautiful works of mother nature. They can just pick it up themselves when it's time!! However, he still pees the girly way. Hehe... I'm still happy with this girly way of peeing cos, he won't splash all over the place when he pees at home on the newspaper! It's also a blessing that he doesn't mark at home. Phew!

Anyway, today is the first time i bring Troy downstairs after cooping him at home for 2 months! All thanks to the lift upgrading downstairs that blocked up a large portion of the pavement. With the pavement being so narrow, bringing Troy downstairs will only attract unwanted attentions -- aunties react as if they have seen a ghost, kids will try to bark at him, etc. But there are also sweet encounters with the folks around my area. Parents with young kids will point to Troy and tell their kids "See, doggie..", others just walk past and smiled at Troy and me. But with Troy being an IM, I'd rather he exercise at home than getting complaints cos just 1 complaint from anyone can get him killed! Now that they have widened the pavement, it's fun time for Troy again!!

Rewarded Troy with a new chewing bone that I bought last month. I saved this bone for rewarding him when he does something impressively nice! Now you must be wondering what he did that earnt himself that bony reward. Well, he behaved himself so sweetly well and obeyed every command that I gave -- sit, down, heel, walk slowly, run with me. This is the first time I see Troy obeying all my commands instantaneously in an outside environment!! Hurray!!

This is Troy enjoying his well-earnt reward

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